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About Us

We are Diane and John Wilson.

     We started Heritage Silver Wear in 2002 while living in Oregon. We've always liked silver and antiques, so we decided to recreate silverware jewelry that was popular in the 1960's/70's.
Jewelry from silverware has been around in different styles and quality for quite some time. We've designed what we consider to be the classic two piece bracelet with strong magnetic clasps. 

     We research the name and year the silverware was brought into market.  We provide this information on a card included with your bracelet purchase.  Whether it's a gift or for you, we hope you will enjoy our work along with the heritage and craftmanship from the past! 

     We now live and work in San Diego, CA. With the help of family and friends we appear at shows and events all over the country.  Check out our show schedule page to see when we will be near you.  We update it frequently and hope to meet you at one of our upcoming events soon!

                                                                                                                                               ~The HSW Team

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